a. Restaurant partners

- We are restaurant people, we know restaurant needs.

- Grow your business with Tasteelist. 

- Stop overpaying and start saving.

Below are the major difference between Tasteelist and other online providers.

Online Ordering Providers and Offers Uber Eats, Grubhub, Door Dash and more Tasteelist
Lower online bills no yes
Increase profitability no yes
Maximize exposure no yes
Customer order page yes yes yes
Merchant panel yes yes
Admin panel yes yes
Provide merchant receiving app and customer notification yes yes
Provide user ordering app some providers yes
Provide restaurant driver app no yes
Direct links
Order via restaurant own domain name or provider's website link some providers yes
Set your preferred restaurant as a "favorite" on the App some providers yes
Charge commission fee (per order) 20% to 35% no
Charge delivery fee (delivery fee x rate) some providers no
Charge tax (tax x rate) some providers no
Charge third party delivery fee some providers (11% to 12%) no
Charge restaurant maintenance fee per order some providers ($1.50 to $1.99) $1.00
Charge monthly service fee  some providers ($60.00 to $100.00) $10.00
Charge credit card service fee per order 3% to 3.5% no
Charge customer convenience fee per order $2.00 to $6.00 or 15% to 20% of order amount $1.50
Credit card sales pay back time 7 to 14 days 1 to 2 days
Sales pay back time except credit card sales 7 to 14 days same day
Digital Marketing/Advertising
Promote restaurant own advertising no yes

b. Become an affiliate


- Flexible hour make your own schedule 

- Earn extra money on the side by referring your favorite restaurants


1. Tasteelist offers initial commission of 50% digital advertising sales on each new restaurant signup and 30% on renewal. 

2. Tasteelist offers a $0.25 commission of each online order on your referral and the commission is paid up to 1 year (restaurant remains).

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